Pranayama breathing

I have posted on here before about doing pranayama breathing. That was about Kapalbhati. Another one I have been doing for about a year is Nadi Shodhana. Otherwise known as alternate side nostril breathing. It also employs breath retention. Long story short I had my yearly Medicare checkup awhile back and they did the oxygen saturation test which measures what % of your blood is saturated with oxygen.
The nurse took the test and looked puzzled. " That’s odd "she said. " It’s reads 100% ".
I just laughed and smiled. It didn’t feel like the right moment to try to explain Nadi Shodhana.
I’ve been doing yoga for over 12 years and was aware of pranayama, but only started to incorporate this into a daily practice a year ago. This coupled with Vinyasa has rocked my world. There are cautions as with any type of exercise but I can highly recommend pranayama because of my own experience.