Breathing exercise for beginner progressing to intermediate


I would like to start off by saying a big thanks to David for providing a free two month subscription during these times! It has really helped solidify my otherwise intermittent yoga practice.

I’ve been doing the beginner progressing to intermediate program and in it we’re supposed to be doing one breathing exercise each week. But there’s a big blank after week 1 for each of the days which are supposed to be the breathing exercise days.

David, could you please fix it or clarify here what we’re supposed to be doing on those days?

Many thanks and love!

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Yeah, but I missed that moment. Although I had read positive reviews before)

I’m sorry, did you mean to reply to another thread? I didn’t quite get you.

Thank you so much! I’m glad that this is helping you keep your yoga practice going!

I checked out that program and those breathing exercises are showing up for me, on the last day of each week (14, 21, etc). Here are two of them, in case you need them to keep going in the program…
Day 14:
Day 21:
If you don’t see them, can you send me a screenshot of what you do see? That will help us figure out what is happening.

Thank you so much for replying and linking those two exercises.

Here’s a link to the screenshot:

It is blank like this for all the weeks through week 8.

@sugandha2403 What type of device are you on? Could you try clearing your browser’s cache to see if that helps?

Same blank spaces for me on Chrome (Mac), for days 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 and 56!

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Thanks. Try clearing your browser and let us know what device you are using.