Post natal classes fo build core strength


My partner has twins two years ago. She’s always been slim build although has been left with a sagging belly which is unsightly and makes her very unhappy. From an online diagnosis, we believe that this is diastasis recti where her abdominal muscles separated during pregnancy and have never recovered. She is contemplating surgery but I’d like to know of any DYWM classes that could help her out. I did David’s establishing core strength I class this morning, it’s a fave of mine that I repeat regularly. Would that type of class be beneficial? If so, I often find the class pretty intense so it would be useful to know of any modifications to make it a bit easier for a DYWM newbie with this condition… If there are other recommended classes, please shout! Thanks all… Rob


Hi Rob.

If you go to our Yoga Classes and under the Style dropdown choose Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, you’ll see our selection of postnatal classes. Particularly, Sarah-Jane’s Postnatal Yoga for Core Strength would be great for her.

Our program Establish Your Core Stability and Strength would also be a fantastic thing for her to do. It begins very gentle, with the basics in terms of how to engage your core properly and safely, then builds up with classes that progressively get more challenging.

Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions.

Take care,



Great, thanks David. We will try those classes out. The big challenge at the mo, and no doubt is the case for many mums - finding the best time of day to establish a routine. She’s not an early ibird like me so it’ll have to be later in the day. This is tricky when boys distracting during day and energy levels low in the evening. I’ll let you know how we get on with that too!


Oh yes, I certainly remember what you’re going through. My son is now 7, so we’re well past it, but the memories are still strong!

It might help to sit with her and help her establish a regular day and time for self care. It can be hard to make plans for yourself when the day is so full of taking care of someone else.

Take care,