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We are so happy to announce the launch of our brand new forum! This is your opportunity to communicate with everyone who has done the same classes as you, who loves the same teachers and who are eager to ask questions and help one another progress on their yoga journeys. I’ll be here too, so if you have any questions about yoga or specific classes. post away!

Thank you David. I really love this site and really get a lot from the classes. Big thanks for getting this together!

It’s our pleasure. Thanks for the kind words and it’s nice to hear that you’re getting so much out of it. :slight_smile:

Hi. I have been practising Yoga with DYWM for a few months and absolutely love it. I am seeing gradual progress in strength and flexibility which is very satisfying. I have a lot of trouble achieving a flat back when folding forward. I always seem to round the middle of my back and would really like to tackle this area. Can you recommend any classes that will help improve this? Any advice is appreciated.

Great to hear!
It sounds to me like it would help to work on flexibility in your hamstrings, lower back and upper back, while strengthening your core so that you’re better able to find a lengthened spine while in poses like dandasana (staff pose).
I created a video series that would be perfect, moving from Establishing Core Strength I (subscriber-only class) to Establishing Core Strength II to Align, Stabilize and Stretch, then work in a class that spends time opening up the upper back in heart openers, such as Yoga for the Upper Back. That series addresses all of the issues that are needed for the flexibility you are talking about.

If you would like more intermediate classes, try Fiji’s Vinyasa Yoga for the Lower Back: Deep Release or Happy Hamstrings.

Thank you for your generous support. I will go to it and work through all the classes suggested. I am so grateful for this website.

Ah, so cool that there is a community @ DYWM now too - was wondering about that possibility a little while ago.
Thank you David and DYWM team, for bringing on such great classes - I already recommended you to many friends.
LOVE esp. the outdoor classes - hope you create more of them this Summer.

THE solution for

  • not being able to go to a studio, for whatever reason (that’s how I started, last Nov)
  • new home Yoga inspiration
  • well guided classes by top teachers
  • time independence from class schedules
  • going travelling with Yoga classes out of Victoria.

And all that for FREE!?!
Come on, friends, let’s definitely support it with our US$ 5 / month membership!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone - will do extra SUN Salutations today!


Yes yes yes! Thank you, Melanie. What a sweet post.

By the way, we are looking into the request you made, about being able to enter comments along with bookmarked videos. We’re hoping to be able to get back to you soon.

Happy Summer Solstice!