Unexpected ways yoga has helped in your daily life?

I’ve been doing yoga regularly for a few months now, so I’m still at the beginning of my journey. Along with the physical benefits like increased flexibility and much improved back pain, I’ve noticed yoga starting to affect my life in different ways.

One of the instructors here (I think it’s Melissa), when in savasana she often says something like: “accept that there is nothing else you need to be doing right now”. I’m studying at the moment, and when I feel myself losing concentration or my attention wandering, looking for a reason to procrastinate, her voice comes floating into my brain and I’m able to take a deep breath and focus again. This has been so good for getting things done, and for not getting frustrated.

So yeah… what are the unexpected ways (or not unexpected!) that yoga has changed in your life? :slight_smile:


I had an addiction to opiates and yoga has become so important to maintaining my recovery. I would say that and therapy has been the two most important things and I’m so grateful to have them both! It wouldn’t even be possible if it weren’t for this site as I have so little money right now.
Yoga is something I do in my day that’s just for me. I don’t think about things I ‘should be doing’ or feel guilty about what I’m not doing. It allows me to be in my body and feel my feelings.
Also I feel that after self harming with subtances and not taking care of myself, this is about taking care of my body and it makes me feel good. It gives me a natural high! And enables me to take the calm and quiet into the rest of my life.
I don’t rush things now. I walk slowly, eat slowly - I don’t run around like a headless chicken chatting away incessantly to myself with negative talk. Its the most important part of my day.


Wow. This makes me feel big hearted. Thank you for the openness. And pats on the back for staying on the path to healing.


Wow, it’s amazing to hear how much yoga has helped you with your recovery. I’m glad you’re able to look after yourself better now. Taking that time for yourself is so important.


Having just returned to the mat with a Ron Stewart class after a three week break, I have to say there are benefits in so many aspects of life. One example is that I organise DYWM classes at work and we often 5 or 6 people doing classes twice a week. It’s an amazing transformation for all of us from when we arrive at the mat all tense, stressed and tired… then 30 minutes later are rejuvenated and refreshed, mentally as well as physically. I wish there was more appreciation for the benefits of yoga in the workplace. It not only maintains the health & wellbeing of staff, but also no doubt increases productivity and provides so many other benefits. I love that so many colleagues join us each week.


I’ve been doing Yoga for some time but not consistently. So, I know how great it feels after a practice. However, recently I’ve gone through an emotion roller-coaster and became a member here at doyogawithme. I am shocked that getting on the mat when totally depressed has turned my emotion’s / depression 360 degrees. I’ve never experienced such a turn around, especially since it’s my practice with my instructor - and in less than 1 hour. I don’t feel like miss out being in class (although I realize everyone’s energy is shared). I am so happy since becoming a member and this positive community. Thank you. PS, still getting the 360’s


Thanks for sharing this information with us here.

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