Sangha Session 4: "Do you most often prefer to do a class that you have 1) already done or 2) never done? Why?"


This is our fourth Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related and sometimes personal topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“Do you most often prefer to do a class that you have 1) already done or 2) never done? Why?”


I prefer doing a class I haven’t done before. However I like to know that is is challenging and will be similar to the classes I prefer. A new class, keeps me learning how to transition from different poses and feels more live to me - as if I am walking into a studio. It helps me stay in the moment


It depends on my mood and what I’m looking for. I love that there are so many videos that there’s always a new one to try. And that I can bookmark tried and true for those days I need a certain move.


I enjoy new classes but tend to go back to the ones I am familiar with based on the length of time and intention for the practice I need/want at the time. Sometimes I will schedule on my calendar a particular class based on my focus for the week.


I prefer to take a class that I’ve done before because I feel like I get more out of it. I am able to concentrate more on the poses over trying to listen and follow unfamiliar instructions.


I have revisited classes but I tend to look for new classes. As a fidgety person (although yoga is helping tremendously with that) I enjoy chartering new territories. As someone mentioned, it makes it feel more like I’m in the studio with the teacher.


I like repeating classes; I find that there are subtle changes I can make or instructions from the teacher I may have previously missed. I get the opportunity to work on poses that I couldn’t do the first time I tried a class.


I prefer new classes, however, there are so many to choose from and my memory’s pretty short so they all seem pretty new. I love being able to search for classes by length, level and instructor. The short descriptions provided for each class also help me decide which one I’m in the mood for.


I think it’s helpful to have a regular class so you can see your progression and also focus more on what you are doing instead of what’s coming next. Also you don’t have to spend time going through each time trying to decide on a class that way. I tend to do Fiji’s yummy 30 or the ‘wake up and move’ which is 20 minutes as my regular practice. Then I occasionally add another class for variety when I have more time - I have so many favourites.


Trying out new classes as they are added to the site gives me a chance to try styles of yoga and teachers that I wouldn’t otherwise pick - I’m always excited when I log on and see a new class has been uploaded! I also keep notes about what I enjoyed and what I struggled with each class so that when I go back and do it again I can track how my practice is evolving.


It depends on my motivation levels & how strong my body feels. I do have particular asanas, though, that must feature in my routine, otherwise I feel I haven’t had a genuine yoga experience. It’s astonishing how the same asanas, but sequenced differently, can make one particular day’s 60-minute routine feel very different from another performed a day or 2 later.


I like to do classes I have already done because they are either time convenient or have challenges I really want to work on. I’m always browsing and will add a new class when I need a new challenge. Moving and growing.


Both really! I also like to make up my own practice sessions using bits from different classes.


I prefer 2)never have done. I am a variety addict and seek the new. That isn’t to say I often go back to redo exceptional classes. I have seriously practiced for 18 years. With that said, I do want to offer some advice; Do Yoga With Me is a wonderfully giving site with gifted instructors. DYWM might increase paid membership by offering a more limited amount of free classes and showing more locked classes. You need to generate more income to continue.