Sangha Session 11: “What yoga styles are you interested in learning more about and why?”

This is our twelfth Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“ What yoga styles are you interested in learning more about and why?”

Iyengar, ashtanga, yin, yang, vinyasa, power, jivamukti, anusara, sivananda, viniyoga, kundalini, yoga therapy… there are so many! Are there any that you wish we had that we don’t? Are there any that you wish we had more of?



I would love to know the difference between yoga therapy and yin or restorative, if there is a difference.

I wish there was more yin on this site. Yin does wonders for my flexibility. I wonder if iyengar can faithfully be taught in an online form?


Hi, I’d love more Iyengar also - the specific alignment cues, props (still totally doable at home imo), and limited progression into poses that focuses on mastering basic strength, alignment and mobility first. David do you know anyone certified, or with this type of bg? I know there are a number of strong teachers in Victoria, but that there are questions about suitable teaching formats. I have only ever found audio classes online. Even more classes focused on alignment rather than simply pose sections would be great. Also I love Iyengar openings, modified backbends and twists, foot alignment, etc. Thanks!


Also I know there is someone who teaches bowspring out of hemma and moksana. While I take issue with John Friend, I feel that this is still a valuable alignment technique for those of us with injuries or difficulties from too vigorous pelvic tuck alignment, twists, etc, that can be incorporated into how we practice other classes. also great for runners and other folks with dominant sports.

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I personally love vinyasa /ashtanga/jivamukti for the powerful practice, the strength building and the energetic flow that keeps the body busy to allow the mind dig in and synch with the breadth. So more of those maybe?

I love that in jivamukti style, it starts with a series of Om to synch with everybody, and a mantra that gives us a direction for the class and end with a series of Om. You can really feel the difference between the 1st and final series in the depth, synch with the surroundings, peace. To incorporate those practices in DYWM would be fantastic.

In general, classes that combine mental trajectory (e.g., a theme), mindfulness, or a mantra with physical practice are gems to me. Thanks for asking us and for your seat work!


Iyengar compliments Hatha. The props help any body access poses. Also, Ayurveda, the sister to yoga is very helpful balancing the three doshas.

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I am interested in experiencing yin yoga and learning about any risk factors. Also hatha yoga with longer holds, rather than say power yoga. Yoga with a therapeutic approach is insightful and appreciated, thank you David. Not about to safely experience power yoga but it is something that you do well. More of Melissa’s gentle hatha classes.


Thanks! Yes, we’re working on having more yin. In fact, we have a new teacher who’s an amazing yin teacher so she should have classes coming soon.

We’ve been considering iyengar for a while now. It’s a difficult style to teach well online. We’ll still keep our eyes open for the right teacher.

Seems like lots of folks are looking for Iyengar! I’ll put some more energy into this.

In Victoria, my fave Iyengar teacher is Ty Chandler. You can always check out the Iyengar Yoga Centre for more options. And yes, bowspring seems to be quite popular these days. So many styles, huh?!

@jeni.grubb @beth-24 @aude.noiray Great suggestions! Thank you. We’re noting everything, so keep 'em coming!

I see signs advertising Hip Hop yoga. Is that even a thing? Not that I would like to do that.

Thanks for asking. You already have such a generous collection, and are thinking of expanding!

I like the idea of including some beginner Jivamukti, as this is one of the few styles that includes a deeply spiritual aspect within the teachings, and that is to include mindful Ahimsa in our lives (especially towards animals and nature), as being an integral part of the practice, which does not end on the mat! This is something that I really appreciate about this style.

Something else that interests me is the subject of Hanna Somatics, if you have anyone experienced in that, that would be terrific! The Breathing Space Studio in Brentwood is exploring somatics, and is wonderful for helping to revitalize muscles that have been affected by old and stubborn injuries.

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Kundalini yoga. I have tried all other types except Kundalini but there’s something about the spiritual connection being embedded in Kundalini that really draws me to it. I need to try one of the classes you offer here!!

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I’d like to see some more intermediate yin classes where the poses are held for the full five minutes.


I’d love a class with Guy Friswell - I love his “Slow Flow” class that he teaches at Ajna Yoga in Victoria. Lots of focus on alignment, and also lots of slow movement.

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I know this is an older thread, but I don’t see any rocket yoga on here at all… would that be something you would consider adding? I moved and no longer have access to my old studio, but rocket was always a class I could take that made me feel empowered and energetic, full of life if you will. I would love to see even one or two videos that really embrace the energy that goes with rocket!

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Adding my voice to the iyengar supporters! It’s my favorite style. The rigor of moving into and out of the poses in prescribed ways appeals to me.

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@Hricheymaketing @Hayleyfarnell @mjscott88 @chris3
Thank you for the suggestions!
Rocket Yoga? Never heard of it! Iyengar is still on the list… working on it! More yin, yes! Guy Friswell… maybe. :slight_smile:

What’s happened with my practice is possibly a bit unusual as I’ve gone from my start in ashtanga and vinyasa to now doing slower classes. I think to start off with I was motivated by fitness but now the motivation is wellbeing and I find I get more stillness and mindfulness from doing the slower classes.
I particularly love the ‘yoga for stress relief’, ‘relaxing deeply’ (by you) and also ‘hatha yoga for grounding’ and the ‘pranayama to heal the chakras’. I usually alternate between these four all the time. Perhaps there are more like these already which I haven’t disovered yet? But if not I would love to see more of these sort of classes, which incorporate gentle yoga / restorative with pranayama, I absolutely love them.
I would also like to suggest a yoga practice for people with M.E. / fibromyalgia. So many people seem to have this, my partner included and I know yoga can be beneficial. However most people have very limited range of movement due to pain and low energy levels.
Looking forward to the new year challenge, thanks for all the hard work.

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It’s not so much classes as I’m satisfied with the types of selections here already. I would like to see more tutorials about certain poses – as with the short class on chaturanga – so I can explore a particular pose more deeply and do it more effectively in longer practices. Thank you!

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