Seated Whole Body Hatha Yoga Flow - Modification Ideas for Marichi's Pose C

This one is great-- I like seated classes that aren’t all Yin or Restorative. I might have to do this one routinely. I appreciate the reminder we inflexible people can use a cushion to elevate for most of these poses.

For Marichyasana work with a very rigid body (e.g. hard time even getting the heel up near my body) and twisting, would a cushion be all right or maybe too much pressure on the knees?

Would sitting on a support and bending the straight leg be better for the full twist action?

To give an idea of why I am looking for modifications, in Marichyasana I, I struggle with getting my shoulder forward enough to even dream of reaching around my shin. I notice that Fiji did a demonstration of Marichyasana III (here called Marichi’s Pose C but no luck finding a short mini-workshop on the other direction.

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I love this one too! It will be a nice swap session. Downloading to play on my DVD player.


Thanks for the feedback!

Marichyasana requires flexibility in the shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings so a modification would depend on where your range of motion is limited. For the shoulders, you can whip a strap around your back to clasp it with both hands then gradually move your hands closer together.

For the hamstrings and back, as you said, bend the straight leg or prop your bum up. For the hips, move the flat foot outward slightly.

I hope that helps!

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