Yoga poses to ease pain in lower shoulder blade


Hi - I did Fiji’s slow, steady and strong class early this morning. I didn’t feel as though I’d pulled a muscle at the time but since the class I’ve felt as though I’ve pulled a muscle in my lower left shoulder blade. I don’t want to aggravate it when I practice tomorrow morning so does anyone have any suggestions on poses or classes I could do to aid recovery? If in reality I should avoid shoulder work for a few days then so be it. A pity this has happened as it’s one of my fave Fiji classes. Thanks for reading. Rob


Hi Rob.
It sounds like you could’ve been stabilizing your shoulder blades a bit better for that class. This is pretty common, and over time it can bring about discomfort, pain or a pulled sensation in the shoulder or around the shoulder blades. Are you aware of how to use the stabilizers of the upper back to keep the shoulder blades flat against the rib cage when doing poses like plank and chaturanga? The main muscle to look at is the serratus anterior.
This makes me realize that we need a video for this! It’s difficult for many to understand shoulder stabilization.


Hi Rob, I wonder if David’s class - - would help you stretch out and give relief to your pulled muscles. If I have time, I try to do this class after all of my practices, especially if I feel that I have worked a little too hard or if my form has caused me discomfort. Healing wishes to you.


Thanks both for the suggestions. Shoulder stabilisation is definitely more of a challenge when holding poses for longer. It feels to me as though I need to build more strength across the shoulders and neck so that I am able to maintain stability during more challenging classes. I do enjoy doing David’s shoulder and neck class so I’ll definitely incorporate that into my weekly routine. I’m doing more power/vinyasa/Yin studio classes at the mo as well so it’s all the more important that I build strength and stability across my shoulders. I will let you know how I get on. At the mo my shoulders feel fine. Thanks again for the suggestions.