Strained hamstring from triangle pose

I was doing triangle pose really focusing on keeping my hips facing forward, and I think I must normally neglect that angle of hamstring stretch cuz it felt like a very good stretch. I stupidly was excited to get at that tightness and only went down a little slowly and heard and felt a pop in my hip near my hamstring. Looked it up and I almost definitely pulled or tore or strained (idk the difference) part of my hamstring where it connects to my hip/sit bone. The thing is nothing hurts except stretching it, not squats, jumping, deadlift, leg curls (not yoga) but when I do a one legged pike like on my bed it just feels more painful/achey than a regular stretch. Has this happened to anyone? Its improved from the initial soreness, but been a month after and still kinda unstretchable. I stretch it a little bit anyway? Any advice? Also I’m not saying the triangle pose is bad, I definitely should have been paying more attention to how my leg felt and not overdone it.

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Hi @richardthiagort303.

Sounds like you’ve got a good ol’ fashion muscle pull! It happens all the time to us teachers, because we’re doing yoga so much, through practising and teaching.

In my experience, the only thing to do is to give it time to heal. You can still do yoga, but avoid straining it in any way. Time is your friend - so is patience! It can be hard to wait, particularly if you’re motivated to practice every day!


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