Possible High (Proximal) Hamstring Tendinopathy

I have a chronic hamstring injury which my physiotherapist thinks is high hamstring tendinopathy. Essentially it hurts to bend over beginning in my lower bum moving down towards the knee the further I bend. She thinks this happened gradually and is due to a host of things. She said its ok to continue yoga and take a stretch to the point it starts to hurt then back off a little. This is SUPER frustrating & literally a pain in my butt.
Any suggestions for classes, from anyone, that would deal with this issue?

Hi. This sounds really painful. I’m no doc or practitioner of any sort - just to get that out the way! But I had a Tendonitis issue years ago in my right shouder and although it still bothers me I found accupuncture helped a little. It does still flare up but I push through with stretches to it. But… I would most definitely suggest doing a good internet search on what would help your condition the most. Like I said, I’m still bothered by the Tendonitis so I’ll do the search myself, but I’m sure getting enough info about your condition will help you better deciide what options to take. Good luck!!

Thanks so much. Nope, it’s not fun. I found David’s class for quads helped a bit. Also took a few days off and did the cool/warm thing a LOT. I noticed when I went to put my shoes on today that it felt less painful. I’ll definitely try the acupuncture when I get back to Canada. Good luck with your shoulder!

Hi Jill–I am suffering from the exact injury. The ortho doc calls it ischial tuberosity or high hamstring tendinopathy. Mine came on as a secondary issue to another problem in my hip flexor. Recovery is, unfortunately, very slow. Mine started about last May and I went to chiropractor weekly for adjustment and dry needling, and started physical therapy starting in about July because I was so annoyed by not being able to get into many yoga poses. The pt sped up healing, and I stopped in December. I still do the exercises as the area does not seem to want to strengthen. Chiro/dry needling once a month. Very slowly I am gaining flexibility but still cannot do a full forward fold, one leg positions are quite shaky but coming along. My advice from all the professionals is to keep legs straight and stretch only to point of discomfort. I can finally get into full warrior. I do intermediate classes and modify, although have dropped the more challenging intermediate, and stick to 45 minute or shorter classes. David’s Hatha Yoga for Lower Back Therapy helps when I get really tight, but am very cautious with the straight leg stretching. While I also love his longer hip/hamstring classes, they are too taxing for the tendinopathy. I completely understand and am experiencing the same frustration! It will slowly get better if you treat it kindly! Good luck!