Triangle pose question

I wanted to double check something.

In triangle, say for example on the left side with the left foot forward, are you pulling your left hip back? (vs. the oppoite and trying to push it forward to stay in line with the right)

thank you.


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Hi Antigone.

Yes, you are pulling the left hip when doing triangle to the left. Think of it this way - the movement originates at the pelvis and you only go as far as the pelvis can tilt. So the left hip tilts down and the right hip tilts up. Simultaneously energy is directed down into the feet, most strongly into the outer edge of the right foot and up into the top of the head to lengthen the joints and particularly the spine.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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thanks, David, that makes sense. I think I had originally been doing this properly, then somehow got off track and started to actually push the left hip forward. My back started hurting a bit in this pose and after it. I’m not sure how I got off track, but one of Rachel’s classes said something that made me think ‘wait a minute, I think I’ve gone in the wrong direction with this pose’. So I thought I’d check my understanding of it with you.


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Nice to hear. It’s always good to double check these things, particularly if it’s not feeling right.