Studying 200hour Yoga in India

Hi All

I am planning to study a 200 hour course in India. But, I don’t know where to start! I have friends in Delhi so think I may fly there and possibly study in the North of India?

Is there anyone who has studied/travelled in India who may have any insight?

Would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello Anna.

Thanks for posting that. It’s difficult to find someone who has done training in a particular place who can recommend someone. Have you tried doing searches online? What I would recommend is locating a few places and asking if you can contact some of their graduates.

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Hey Anna,

I too am looking into going to India this summer for my 300 hour teacher training. Have you had any success in finding where you want to go? I researched this program located between Mysore and Kerala, it’s on an organic farm and they practice ayurveda and yoga. Here is the site: I would also be interested to hear where you end up going!

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Sorry for not having replied to your email earlier.

I have yet to realise my dream of travelling to India. But I will let you
know how it turns out! Have you been and studied your teacher’s training?
And if so, how did it go?


Thumbs up for AyurYoga Ashram as someone else mentioned before me I took the 300-hour training program too and I am beyond satisfied. You can check their direct website from the post above for booking but I also recommend that you check the AyurYoga venue at Retreat Hub, they are affiliated and offer great discounts and promotions. I assure you that you gonna have a nice time there!