Technical glitch in opening the classes in the lower back series from Fiji

It lists the 4 classes but how do I open each class? It shows the arrow on the left but it isn’t activated.
The website was so much easier before you changed it. It’s amazing how difficult you could make it.

Hi Linda,

I am sorry that the new site is harder to navigate for you, the changes are something we are all adjusting to for sure. I looked into your issue above and think I figured it out. The programs and challenges now have a tracking freature to keep you on track as to where you left off. To start the classes you hit the enroll now button, it then takes you to the program page. There you hit the start not blue button and it takes you to the first class.

I’ve actually found it to be easier. Sometimes change can be hard, but after sufficient thought and not knee-jerk reactions, we can often find change is good.

Well, that’s a judgment. And actually, I like change. Not that that matters to you, but I’ll finish anyway. In workshops I do with business people when we’re discussing change I sometimes say that I like change, only not in houses or husbands. It gets a laugh…, usually.
If the website is harder to use for different people it depends on how you use it, doesn’t it? I have a long list of Practice Studio saves and the newer format, with the photos, means I don’t see them as a group, instead I scroll. It’s harder to compare them. (But I’m okay with that. I can do it. I like change.) Also, the series weren’t available because the website has the “Enroll now” button to get to them. I do the challenge series, like Elevate and 14 day challenge, the lower back care series, etc., over and over. I thought since I had saved them I didn’t need to enroll. But Fiji’s told me how it works with the updated site so I’m set.
Thank you Fiji! You are terrific.
Yes, let’s say no to knee-jerk judgments.

So sorry that your perception was skewed about intentions in my post. My post was one of the generalities about knee-jerk reactions. I cannot control others’ perceptions. Perhaps some self-reflection might be in order. Have a wonderful day!