Fiji's Elevate Challenge

Hands up if you’re loving Fiji’s new Elevate challenge :raising_hand_man:

OK, I’m only three classes into Fiji’s newbie challenge, but boy is it a beauty. Never mind elevating my practice as a student, this series from Fiji is on another level (and don’t get me wrong, I love all of Fiji’s other challenges dearly, especially her chakra series). Anyway I digress - what do I love about this series? The pace, sequencing, challenge, teaching cues, themes - it’s all there, and a complete inspiration to me as both a student, but also a yoga teacher. I had been feeling really quite flat with my practice of late - a combination of different factors. I knew that with patience I would rediscover my mojo, and this series has (so far) been exactly what I’ve waited for.

I am sure that there is a huge amount of time and effort that goes into planning these challenges. So this is a simply a message of heartfelt thanks to Fiji for putting this series together. Namaste. Rob


That’s fantastic, Rob! I’ll make sure that Fiji sees this. :slight_smile:

Hi Rob, I have been really excited about this challenge so I am happy to hear that it is inspiring you on so many levels. The reason I named it Elevate is because I hoped it would help people elevate not only their physical practice, but their perspectives. It sounds like all the planning is paying off! Thank you for the message, it is really encouraging to hear this! I can’t wait to hear your experience at the very end.


I heartily agree! I do some kind of yoga almost every day but due to some schedule constraints I have to spread the longer classes out a bit, so I am “behind”, I just finished week one. For me this series seems more mindful somehow. Not that Fiji’s other classes are not, but there is imho a special energy in these routines. Some of the poses are too difficult for me. I really appreciate the options built in and it is inspiring to see how some people get into some of the more challenging poses. (Also a little frustrating if I am honest!) That said, somehow this series is making me feel ok with where I am, and it reassures me that the process is important and it’s ok to meet myself where I am every day, without trying to force myself in a certain direction.

Thank you Fiji for sharing your teaching and thank you DYWM for making these classes available to those of us in far flung spots. Thanks to your site I have done yoga almost every day this year and… I don’t know that I could pinpoint anything that has changed, but I am grateful for the process.

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I’ve started today. With an insomniac toddler and a tendency to injuries, my yoga practice comes and goes. If I stop for more than a week or two, I feel like I go back months. So when I saw this challenge, I was a bit sad because I haven’t done a sequence of this difficulty in ages, and it looked like so much fun.

Today a friend took the toddler for a walk and I did the first video thinking, “If I get too tired, I’ll quit”. Eventually, I completed the video, stopping once in a while and skipping a couple of minutes or a particular position that is unmanageable at the moment. For me, it will be an enormous success if I complete the challenge in less than a month.


So, having completed the series last week, I have to say that I loved it immensely - but it made me yearn for more. So, I restarted the series this week, and am starting to find a new depth and confidence to my practice - I’m sure the muscle and mind memory is helping with this! As I often lose that post-yoga feelings, sensations pretty quickly, I’ve started to journal this at the end of each class. It’s going to be a great way to document the series, but equally to use as a benchmark on progress made.


I think you have taken in the real intention behind this series, to meet yourself exactly where you are with honesty and appreciation. From that place of presence and connection we can begin to evolve in a more mindful and involved way!

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I too have had an insomniac toddler and feel your struggle! Do what you can, every little bit helps both you and your family. Just like those challenging moments in class, this too will pass!

My heart is with you each day!