Tendonapathy and Knees and lower back

Hi. I have had on and off again yoga butt for at least 2 years. When I stop doing yoga, it goes away. I’ve done strengthening and it helps. This past Spring, I’ve had some lower back issues and right hip issues and I think all the hamstring stretches in David’s classes to address that together with yin yoga for hips has exacerbated my right hamstring. so basically my right side is tight and hurting and my knee is starting to be wonky/creaky. I’ve been doing Rachel’s class to address the tendonapathy but not sure what else I can or should be doing. I’m longing for a regular yoga practice. i was an intermediate yogi. been doing yoga for almost 20 years and it has always helped but now I’m sort of stuck in a loop doing things only to treat the issues and not sure where to start on a more holistic path. Thanks for any insight

Hi Jessica,

I have been stuck in these loops on and off over the decades too. Two things I have learned are:

  1. Hamstring irritations and injuries take about a full year to completely resolve in my body, I have to have patience and remember that over time it will shift.
  2. Sometimes a full break from practice is the best reset, especially when unsure what is aggrivating an injury. I would try taking 1 to 2 full weeks off of yoga if possible, stay active and move your body of course. When you come back take note of any practices that might re aggrivate the injuries.
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