Thank you for inspiring the warrior within

Hello- I just want to send some gratitude and a big cyber hug, specifically to Tracey; but also to all of the DYWM team (I enjoy all of the instructors). The day before I had to have a surgery for colon cancer, I did one of Tracey’s intermediate classes. During the warrior pose, she mentioned that we sometimes need to be a warrior for ourselves, and that really sunk in for me at that specific time! I kept that thought strong before and after surgery, and was able to check out of the hospital about 2 ½ days later.

It’s going to be a little while before I can jump into another intermediate class, but I’m looking forward to revisiting the gentle, more beginner classes and restorative practices again soon. Thank you for this wonderful website, and for the instructors who share so much of themselves to help others.


Wow, I’m honored that we could be a part of such a challenging time in your life. I will pass this on to Tracey - it’ll make her smile!

Yes, it’s great to honor your body’s needs. I hope we can be a big part of your recovery!

Take care,


Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your sweet and ‘strong words’. I am a big believer that we hear what we need to hear when we are ready to hear them, and you heard that you were a warrior for yourself that day. It’s beautiful timing, and a powerful message when you were dealing with your cancer. I am happy to hear you are post surgery and revisiting a gentle re-integration of yoga. I welcome you back with open arms and the continued strength of a Warrior and one day I hope to meet you in person along our journey.
Love and Light

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