Becoming a supporter

Not new to yoga. I’ve been at it for about 10 years. I took it up at age 61 so that makes me um…whatever. Not new to DYWM either. As I used to use the videos when I traveled. But I always used to look at those + videos and wondered what I was missing. So I have relocated this past Nov and left my local studio. I again turned to DYWM but this time became a supporter. Whoa. I was missing lots by not being a supporter and have been exploring all those + classes. Just started Fiji’s 14 day challenge today. I would recommend anyone using the site but not a supporter to become one. It’s good for the site and yoga in general and will open up a whole new world of classes to you.


I wholeheartedly agree with Jim. I briefly tried yoga in studios in NYC and Berlin, with dance or running. Yoga on DYWM has allowed me to do yoga daily for almost five years and use my head and body simultaneously, as in dance. The best is that my tween and teen kids are slowly exploring yoga too. I am so glad that I subscribed and now cannot imagine my life without yoga, knowing that without the DYWM teachers, it would not have been a mental journey, just exercise. Thank you to the whole team!

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I am a supporter and I have explored many classes and teachers. There are many teachers who seem to have developed spiritually and that is evident in their practice. That brings it all together for me in a way that is deeply rewarding. I find my stress and anxiety quiet down a lot. This has been a god send during the pandemic. I did not ever do yoga until I was no longer at the office. What a wonderful site!!

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