Website is too slow

Does any one having a website loading issue like me?
I am in Turkey and website is loading very slow and usually could not load pages properly.
It is happening for 2 days i guess.

Hi there. Can you tell me what device you are using? Apple recently sent out an update that fixed an error that was occurring with certain iPhones and iPads when attempting to stream videos from Vimeo, our video host.

If that’s not you, let me know what device and browser you are using.



Hi David,
I seem to be having troubles with the video player as well. Haveto reload the page or it takes a real long time to load roughly every 7 to 10 minutes during the video. I usually just hold the stretch until the video replays again but i get tired ha. Anyways I use do yoga with me from my google chrome browser on my laptop only. It may be my laptop, but youtube and other videos work perfectly. thanks

Thanks for letting me know. Are you a subscriber and are you logged in when you play the video?

Yes i am a subscriber and log in whenever i click on the website

Ok, try using a different browser. That often fixes the problem right away.


Since I renewed my subscription yesterday I am also having issues with being unable to stream DYWM videos, I didnt have an issue previously , is this anything to do with my subscription renewal?

Hello Kyle. Can you give me a few classes that you’ve had trouble streaming lately? Also, what kind of laptop are you using and what operating system?

Hi there. Can you give me the same info… a few classes that you’ve had trouble streaming, the device you are using, operating system and browser?

Hi I am, using a lenovo yoga laptop. Classes I have had problems with are yoga for exhiliration and hanuman fun. I have done these classes previously on the same laptop without issue, it seems strange that I have only had difficulty since renewing my subscription…

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Thanks. What operating system and browser do you tend to use?

Hello Kyle. Can you tell me if your problem is persisting? If it is, please send me the specific class link.

Hi Dave, sorry for late response. It seems to happen on the lower back pain plus classes with Fiji mcalpine. I’ve watched them with no issues through other internet connections. I think my internet may have been acting up that day for some reason, which is weird because I was right beside my modem. Anyways thanks for looking into it.

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Ok, thanks Kyle. Glad to hear that it’s worked itself out.