Constant buffering on videos



We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our time with DoYogaWithMe so far. However, we are having issues with loading the videos. We’ve tried on different internet connections, both of which are very fast, different PCs, and different browsers. It will run smoothly for a few minutes and then freeze intermittently for a few minutes. We live in Perth, Western Australia, if that makes a difference.

Has anyone had any similar issues and been able to resolve them?

Thank you!

Nick and Sarah


I have the same problem and frequently switch to YouTube when the video is also on that site. Then I downgrade to 140 play. I live in BFE Arizona, so very far out of town


It seems this was already addressed here.

However, changing browsers has yet proven to be repeatable solve. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

We have, like @oxdoc and a few posters on the linked topic, found that all other streaming servers work smoothly (YouTube, etc.). It is just this particular website that is slow, which sucks, because we LOVE it.


Nick and Sarah


Can you let me know if you are a subscriber and logged in? If you are there is a gear-wheel below the player and next to the “Share” button that allows you to change the player to see if that helps.


I’m in outer metro Perth. It happens a lot with me too.