What do "integrate" and "integrity" mean?

As a beginner, I’m puzzled when yoga teachers say the following:

“Integrate” or “integrate your practice”
“Do this with integrity”

What do these terms mean? What am I being prompted to do? I don’t speak much yoga yet, so please try to explain in straightforward language that a left-brained newcomer to yoga can easily grasp.


Hello! This is a really good question.
In yoga we are practicing poses that help integrate our minds with our body. The balances and poses are challenging, so you need to be intentional and put in effort. You may have to pay attention to things you haven’t noticed before. For example, intentionally relaxing tension that is otherwise preventing you from achieving a pose.
Therefore, we need to practice yoga with “integrity” by listening to our muscles and our breath, by not being sloppy or half hearted while we practice. This is definitely experienced in standing poses, but with focus and a good posture, it gets more and more doable!
I am excited for your journey in yoga!