Combination practice


It’s not that I’m asking you to create this, people at dywm, as you do so much already! But I find myself needing to create my own practice because I want to incorporate pranayama, vinyasa or ashtanga and yin / restorative in one class - with meditation of course. So really, I need to create my own practice but after 2 years of doing online classes it actually takes quite a bit of discipline to be there alone for an hour and design my own practice. It’s probably something I need to break through and learn to do but I’m struggling with it and as a result often do 20 min videos of each!

I’m surprised that yoga classes don’t include all the aspects more. I tried kundalini and really want to get into it but I feel a bit uncomfortable with the chanting that I don’t understand and have no background to and I feel like I’d probably get into that better if being taught by a person physically present so I can understand it better. I bet a teacher could get really popular offering a more holistic practice and people would get into all these different aspects of yoga.

Just thought I’d put that out there!


Thank you. That’s a great point. I’ll look into this and see what we can do.

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Thank you David. I’m loving your classes for anxiety and stress relief at the moment which combine pranayama and gentle /restorative such as ‘relaxing deeply’. Really great, I’m actually finding I get more from them than anything else.


Great! Thanks, Helen.