What is the heat in the center of my back when I sit up tall?

I’m still considering myself a “beginner” and I know there are muscle groups that I haven’t used for yoga before, so I’m guessing this is a beginner issue that will change in time, but I’m curious…

When I “sit up tall” and “stretch my spine out the top of my head”, I always get a hot feeling, spicy heat, in the center of my back. Are these muscles that just need to get use to yoga? it’s not pain…not like a medical condition. It’s like muscles that are super tense. And when I release the “tall” position, the tension and “heat” go away.

Thanks for the insight!

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Hi Amy.

Good question… and this is not at all a beginner issue. Posture and alignment are constant areas of focus for everyone.

The heat is likely the muscles getting aggravated. They can get hot and cramp up if they are not in a healthy, natural state… for instance, when you are slightly slouched. I guess this is good inspiration to sit tall!

I hope that helps.

Take care,