Wheel pose and hopping forward

Advice needed please. I’m not sure if I haven’t the arm strength or the ‘knack’ but I am not progressing with the ability to do either. I can find my way through all the intermediate classes except for these two aspects.
Would strength and a knack be one and the same thing and is there anything I can do to help myself-
I so want to hop!!:slight_smile:
I would also then be ready to move on to more handstand involved classes

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Hi there.

Both wheel pose and hopping forward require a significant amount of strength and flexibility, but technique also plays a very important role. That’s what I’m assuming you mean by ‘knack’. Technique and strength are different aspects of the pose, but complimentary.

We plan to film a class on hopping forward and Tracey has a series on wheel pose coming out soon. Fiji already has a class that breaks down wheel pose, called Workshopping Wheel Pose. Have you tried that one?

Take care,


Thankyou for that reply, very helpful x