Asana Lab #1 Workshopping Wheel and other backbends

I am so excited to jump on the mat live with all of you this Sunday!!

I will be leading a fun exploration of Wheel and some other backbends, and will offer all I have learned about how to progress safely in this group of postures.

If you have not done so already please register ahead of time to secure your spot, this is a free new feature for subscribers!

Thank you, Fiji! Before this class, I thought wheel pose was just not accessible to me and never would be. But during your class- I actually got into the pose for a few seconds! Your clear instructions and tips for how to use a bolster, blocks, and the wall were so helpful to me. Thank you!!

It was so great to see you there Ryen! It fills my heart with joy knowing you had that moment today! I am so excited when we make the seemingly impossible, possible! Thank you for sharing your spark of inspiration!

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