Why support hovering knees or shoulders in restorative yoga?

I am practicing restorative yoga with Melissa, and she says to use pillows, blocks or other support several times, during twists or bends, underneath arms or legs that don’t make it flat onto the floor or bolster. Why is this important? I thought that I might eventually stretch into that posture if I did not support the hovering knees or shoulders.

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Hi there. Good question. I would say that it’s a suggestion rather than a rule. The support eases the intensity of the stretch, making some people feel more comfortable, particularly if that’s what you’re looking for in a restorative pose. However, if you prefer more intensity, remove the support or add a lower support. It’s up to you and what your body benefits from the most.

Thanks! You have helped me understand that following instructions perfectly is not the goal, but asking my body what it needs in the moment is a better long-term strategy!

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Yup, that’s right! :slight_smile: