Sandbags, usages

At a recent yoga retreat, I used a sandbag for head support while lying on my back for poses and for rest. I liked it because it stayed in place on the mat, being that it is heavy, and gave me support for a neck issue that I have. But I was wondering if I could use this prop for other yoga poses and yoga styles.

Has anyone used a sandbag in their practices?


Hi Mary Rose,

Wow that sounds lovely! I have used something like a sand bag before, kind of a really heavy eye pillow. It was placed on my diaphram when lying in a restorative pose, and I have had them on my shoulders too. There is something comforting in the steady grounding weight. I might be a tricky prop to put on yourself, I have always encountered them in a restoritive setting where the teacher came and placed them on us.

Thanks for your response Fiji. I’ve been putting my sandbag over my pelvic area will in shavasana and wow it feels great. I sometimes can’t get my hips to rest fully on the mat and the sandbag really helps.

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I have had sandbags placed on thighs/pelvic area by a yoga teacher years ago. I, too, also found it calming and as a gentle further opening of the area. The sandbag under the head for neck support sounds great.

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The yoga studio I go to sometimes uses them, and I, like some others here, have enjoyed having one placed on the top of the thighs or pelvis in savasana. It’s grounding and feels good.

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My 13 pound cat works on me like heavy sandbag. Kneading w weight is relaxing and you don’t want to interrupt it!