Intermediate whole body stretch class - please! :)

I would absolutely love a whole body - hips, spine, quad, shoulder, neck, – everything(!) stretch flow class. I know it’s a lot to ask to have it all and in a class length of about 30 minutes or so, but sometimes I just wake up and want an all over, somewhat advanced, stretch class. I think I have seen a beginners stretch, but I would love one for someone who has done yoga for a few years and needs an all-in-one stretch class, not just focusing on one area of the body. Although I do love those!

I love love love DYWM! Worth soooo much more than I pay for it! Thank you so much for being there - my dream home yoga practice is now a reality!


Hi, that sounds excellent - i teach privately via skype so let me know if you want to connect and do a session under my guidance :slight_smile: check out my profile and website and drop me a message if you want to set something up. I will share details if you are interested in setting something up. Look forward to hearing from you.