Intermediate whole body stretch class - please! :)

I would absolutely love a whole body - hips, spine, quad, shoulder, neck, – everything(!) stretch flow class. I know it’s a lot to ask to have it all and in a class length of about 30 minutes or so, but sometimes I just wake up and want an all over, somewhat advanced, stretch class. I think I have seen a beginners stretch, but I would love one for someone who has done yoga for a few years and needs an all-in-one stretch class, not just focusing on one area of the body. Although I do love those!

I love love love DYWM! Worth soooo much more than I pay for it! Thank you so much for being there - my dream home yoga practice is now a reality!


Hi, that sounds excellent - i teach privately via skype so let me know if you want to connect and do a session under my guidance :slight_smile: check out my profile and website and drop me a message if you want to set something up. I will share details if you are interested in setting something up. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @dscheurl.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’m going to put this request out to our teachers - they may have a few that fit this your needs.

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Hello again.

Crista recommended that you check out any of her classes in that time range - she typically takes a whole body approach. It’s difficult to say which specific classes by which specific teachers, though, since we don’t necessary remember if we stretched, say, the neck in a class.

I could make that request, though, for future classes.

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I second this! Infact, I came on the forum to suggest it myself!

I would really appreciate a whole body, stretch and flow / mobility class. Ideally for me 40 minutes plus (a whole hour would be great!) and at an intermediate level. Something I can do on the days when I am actively recovering from strength and cardio training and something that would allow me to work purely on my flexability and mobility. Also it would be an amazing practce to have handy for those tired days. At the moment I feel myself returning to an abridged version of Ashtanga yoga to satisfy that itch !

Great site and love the content, great work guys :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks! Intermediate, full body, 40-60min, focused on stretching. It may not happen right away, but I’ll put it out to all of our teachers.

Have you tried Jonni-Lyn’s intermediate classes?

Thank you for the kind words.

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Thanks for recommending Jonni-Lyn. I had never done one of her classes until just now. It was great! Looking forward to more hopefully! :slight_smile: