Yes, there is crying in yoga! :-)

After one of my recent yoga practices, my hubby asked me how my class was. I responded, “It was great! I cried”. He said, “There is no crying in yoga”. I told him, “Yes! There absolutely is crying in yoga!”.

I often find that there a huge emotional release for me during my yoga practice. Sometimes it stems from just being able to temporarily set aside being a so many things to others (mother of twin teenagers, full time employee, spouse, daughter to aging parents, etc) and just focus on myself. Sometimes it is because the words of the teacher strike a unique chord for me that day.

It’s a good kind of crying…sometimes just a trickle of tears, occasionally a bit more, but I always, always feel better afterwards.

What do you think? Is there crying in yoga?

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It has not been a very long time since I started practicing yoga, but have been following the experience of others. Never before have I heard (read) something like that. You must have really aced the process then, like letting all your negativity flow out.

Hmmm… well, I definitely haven’t aced the process, I’m still very much ‘practicing’. Perhaps I’m just hyper-emotional. :wink:

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When I first started doing yoga in earnest, I cried often. And you’re right: it’s a good kind of crying. The body holds memories, emotions, and so much more. With yoga, the mind-body separation disappears and this is a good thing! Yoga has been the most transformative part of my personal healing journey. I still cry sometimes during some practices, but now I can welcome the tears and feelings. I let them flow along with my body.

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Do you feel peace at that moment? Cuz I am still struggling with my emotional release.

I’ve never cried after a yoga practice or during one, but I’ve heard more than a few people do. For many, it really can be a huge emotional release of negative emotions, stews, etc! Let it out. :blush:

I’ve cried, but out of frustration. When I first started yoga I practised and persevered yet saw little gain in certain areas. My body and mind were two separate entities and the body was unwilling to comply. Next came acceptance. The crying stopped after that.

Yoga crying is fantastic! Yoga works on the subtle body, which is where the physical body and psychological and emotional body converge. We can access parts of ourslelves that are often off limits through mental endevours alone.

Release tension and unprocessed emotions!

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I’ve cried a few times. Sometimes they were happy tears, sometimes anguished tears. All were memorable.