Yoga for grieving and loss

I was wondering if there could be a class created centered around grieving and loss. I’m currently struggling with grief and it’s been hard for me to even get on my mat at times even though yoga has always been my safe space. I also think a large part of the world is also struggling with this as well and it could help them too. Thank you for your and energy.


What a wonderful suggestion!

I have been dealing with grief as well, and for me the kind of emotional & mood ‘manipulation’ I need varies. In some moments a soothing class was just in need. But far more of the time I have been using standing poses to ‘ground me,’ raise my heart rate and energize me, and stave off depression.
Finally, sometimes I feel stuck, sadness that wont’ necessarily come out. Sometime it can me access emotion and release to do deeper work on the groins and hips.

I’d love a class or two too :slight_smile:

Hi Michele,

I have not done this class recently, but I do recall it as being heart centered and soothing. It would be nice if they added another offering too. You may want to add chest opening poses and add focused breathing to the heart area in your everyday practice too. These practices have helped me enormously. Yin yoga that works the heart and lung meridians and heart chakra are good also.


I would love to offer a class in dealing with grief. I work primarily on the ecological emergency and how to deal with it, but obviously that brings up grief, anger, blame, resentment and so on. I’ve also done extensive work on Dealing with Dying, Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s book, and with meditations on healing by Stephen Levine. How do I set up a class for you? I would love to take donations but if money is an issue, I can simply offer this. It is my practice. Namaskar. Lucy (

My heart is with your heart. Yes a very good suggestion that I will pass along to the team. Be gentle with yourself on and off the mat at this time.

I’ve found grieving and loss completely debilitating - and it spirals out of control at times. Completely with you that focused classes would be very helpful. There are very long waiting lists where I live for bereavement counselling or any type of support outside of your own family who are often dealing with their own grief. Yes, it would definitely help !