What is Yoga like as a career?


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I am gathering understanding about yoga as a career to inform the decision. =)
Would you mind speaking on yoga therapy, teaching yoga, and/or massage therapy? I would really appreciate it!

If so, here are some questions:

It is a very fulfilling and nourishing practice.
I’m wondering if it also supports a livelihood financially? Does the financial aspect take away from the practice?

Is it a struggle to balance your own wellbeing with the wellbeing of others?

Do you find yoga to support cultivation of collective consciousness :eye: :fallen_leaf: :seedling: :ocean:, spirituality :pray:, and freedom :sunrise_over_mountains:from attachments, suffering, and unhealthy habit energies?

What challenges do you face? How have you grown from your practice? :butterfly:

Do you experience nervousness teaching groups? If so, what helps you ease it?

Do you know anything about yoga therapy training or Phoenix Rising?

Have you read the Bhagavad Gita?

I am dreaming to eventually offer yoga therapy alongside psychological and nature-based therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and creative expression in a holistic center— and ally with willing Indigenous Peoples

With timeless love and gratitude,
Naomi Goldstein
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Ha! It looks like no one wants to touch this one! I can relate - it’s challenging making a living out of teaching yoga.

I can tell you that it certainly is fulfilling and nourishing. I do yoga while making money and support others to explore their bodies in a healthy way. That feels pretty good to me! The challenge was to build a class when I started and maintain it over time. It’s really important to keep exploring other styles and ways of teaching so your delivery is fresh.

I still do get nervous, but I think that’s can be good. It means that you still care and want to give the best that you can.

I hope that helps! Enjoy the journey. :slight_smile: