Yoga after COVID Vaccination

For those who have taken the COVID vaccine, may I know whether you are able to practise yoga or perform any form of physical activity after the first and second dose? What styles of yoga do you recommend?

I have had both the first and second vaccine and no problems doing all of my regular yoga classes and all other activity!

That’s great! Just wondering, what is brand of the vaccine you received?

I had the Pfizer vaccine

As a medical person I will say you cannot compare anything to another persons experience. Each body reacts differently depending on a million different things. Most people have a sore arm and more so the second time if they get two. Some people feel a bit ill. Some people feel nothing at all. It’s like all things in life. Every human is different. It won’t be different with different vaccines unless you get two. Yoga would be great for you too and help decrease arm pain if your muscle is sore. Good luck!

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I know. Thanks for the reply. Just curious, that’s all. :slight_smile:

I felt like I’d been kicked in the arm for around 3 days, but was otherwise fine.

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I got my first dose of moderna late in the day yesterday. My arm is somewhat sore and I’m feeling tired today (had body aches in the middle of the night that kept me up until the tylenol kicked in), but I plan on doing yoga at some point today. I’ll be choosing something pretty mellow, but I’m looking forward to stretching and some grounding. I’m sure your body will let you know what you’re up for after you get vaccinated.

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Thank you for sharing. I’m sure gentle or restorative yoga is a good one to start with after vaccination.