Yoga and post trauma arthritis

Recently I have been diagnosed with post trauma arthritis of the elbow, - a result of an accident during a horse riding safari 14 years ago - and told that the only way to deal with the pain is pain killers. This is not the way I want to treat it and so am researching other options such as diet and exercise. I have done yoga for a number of years and am wondering if the own body weight resistance in yoga is going to further damage or actually help the problem? Pain is not always an indication to stop, as otherwise I just don’t use my arm, which is also not an option. Perhaps someone has experience or suggestions? The problem in the elbow gives pain throughout the arm. Perhaps there are some specific poses that might help both the arm and the elbow?

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I imagine the best therapy would be very gentle, careful stretching in combination with relaxation. Have you tried any of these classes?

Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Maintenance

Hatha Yoga for the Hands and Wrists

Hatha Yoga for the Hands, Arms and Shoulders


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Thank you David,

I’ll give them a go and see what happens.

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