Yoga and vertigo

Hi there yogis, I am fairly new to yoga but am loving it…what life changer…who knew! Thanks to all of you at DYWM for this wonderful gift that you have created.
I am just wondering if anyone can help me?
I have recently had an attack of vertigo (inner ear/balance condition) which completely wiped me out for a few days and although I am able to move about now I am left with a very fuzzy feeling in my head and my balance is not 100%. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of yoga possibly triggering this?
Similarly I wonder if anyone has any evidence of yoga helping with this condition?
Thanks x

Hello there.
I love hearing what a life changer yoga has been for you!
As for vertigo, I’m unfortunately unable to help. There are plenty of articles online talking about this, but I’m unable to find any studies. If anyone locates one, let us know!

Hi Elizabethraymont!

I started suffering from postural vertigo a few years ago. Even though I already was a yoga practitioner at the time, I never associated the two (neither did my doctors). I’ve found that, in my case, the only thing that actually stops a bout of vertigo altogether is having someone perform the Epley maneuver, which I have also learnt to perform on myself if need be. It’s not easy to go back to your regular practice after having suffering from vertigo, but it’s also a yogic practice to develop the confidence to explore simple balances again until you feel completely recovered. I believe yoga does help in that it fosters self-observance, patience, and body awareness. Good luck!