Yoga with Vertigo

Hello! During the pandemic I discovered this website and was really enjoying
doing yoga through your videos regularly, even as a beginner. However, a few
weeks ago I developed vertigo and thus had to stop practicing. I have
recovered enough that I can get back to some exercise, but regular yoga
moves, especially inverted and lots of head movements, are off limits.

Do you have any suggestions for which of your yoga classes would be appropriate for someone with vertigo?

Thanks so much!

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Hello there! I’m glad you’re enjoying the website!

Suggesting classes that work for vertigo is challenging, but I think I can do it. Try Melissa’s 7-Day Yoga Challenge. If she does any inversions, simply do another pose or rest in childs pose until she moves on.

I have a history of vertigo and I practice yoga daily. Some days it’s hard and I have to keep my head level instead of turning it one way or another like the pose indicates. David’s advice to come into child’s pose during inversions is great, too. Guy’s “Standing Room Only” class is excellent and I don’t think there are any inversions.
Also, the best remedy I’ve found is Dr. Carol Foster’s Half-Somersault Maneuver (Google it, there is a YouTube video and she has a corresponding pdf and book). This remedy has worked wonders for me!

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