Yoga after Anterior Total Hip Replacement

First of all thank you DYWM! The BEST online yoga site there is. I’ve been with you for close to five years now (I think!) Subscribing and practicing pretty seriously for at least three. I recommend you to everyone I meet who is interested in starting more regular, sensible, thoughtful, authentic practice.
I’m 62 and in good shape except for a bad hip which has haunted me for years. The joint is just worn down and I’m going for a THR in 2 weeks as I am tired of walking with a limp most days and moving more slowly than I am accustomed. I feel that my yoga practice has warded off this inevitability for the last five years. Hip and lower back pain was actually how I first found you and started doing one of David’s beginner classes for just that. It saved me, but of course, the hands of time cannot be stopped, so here I am.
I just competed Fiji’s 14 Day 2021 Challenge in preparation for what’s ahead as I want to be in the best shape possible going in to surgery. Most poses are still accessible to me in some measure although the bad hip does hinder certain positions. I also do barre classes to maximize strength and muscle endurance.
I can’t imagine not practicing yoga in the future as there is nothing like it for centering mind and body, as well as maintaining flexibility and alignment. There does not seem to be much precise info on what works and what doesn’t, what is beneficial and what is risky following THR. Is there anyone out there who has recovered and gotten back to where they were in terms of mobility? I’m just trying to figure out what to expect. I’d love to know if there are any serious practitioners who have had THR and returned to teaching or practicing at close to a normal level.
Any stories or information you can share would be welcomed.
Thank you again!


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That’s a great question, Jeanne. I’m not qualified to answer it, but I hope someone jumps in with some experience and perspective!

Thanks, yes, that’s what I’m hoping. And thank you all again for doing an extraordinary job!

Jeanne, I’m guessing you’re a little apprehensive about your surgery and are hoping that you’ll be able to return to the yoga you love post-surgery. While everyone’s recovery from Total Hip Replacement is unique, and every doctor will likely suggest different post-surgery precautions, I am happy to share my story in case it helps provide you with some additional hope for your yoga future.

Like you, I am 62. I had an anterior THR in fall 2019. My surgery was unplanned, the result of an accident. 15 months post surgery, I am happily practicing yoga daily (I also LOVE DYWM!). I can’t remember exactly when I was able to resume yoga after physical therapy – it did take awhile – but I think it was probably around 9 months after surgery. I eased back into it. I was cautious at first, but after getting the “all clear” from my surgeon 1 year post-surgery, I’ve felt comfortable stretching myself further in my yoga practice. At this point, I don’t even notice my artificial hip in my practice at all – though I admit I take extra care when doing pigeon pose on that side (but I can still do it!)

Hope my story helps inspire a speedy recovery from your surgery. Wishing you all the best! Susan

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I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful reply. I’m amazed that even pigeon pose is possible! This is such good news and gives me just the spark I need. Certainly I am apprehensive, but the fact is, many poses have become increasingly difficult anyhow and the discomfort is not always the sweet type. Also, not being able to take a brisk walk is a deal breaker for me in terms of quality of life. So yes, apprehensive but also excited at the prospect of being pain-free in the near future. Thank you again for taking the time to write and share your experience! It truly helps in my journey.

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