Dizziness & Balance

Some days I am very dizzy. Other than attempting to keep my head level (no full bends) are there other ways to prevent dizziness? I have inner ear issues which also means I cannot free balance. All the classes that are supposed to help seem to start with the assumption balance is fine for short times and just needs to be increased. I normally cannot balance for even one second without touching the wall. Oh - and need wrist-free. Currently enjoying Jonni-Lyn Wrist Free and David’s Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back.
Suggestions? Namaste Kathy (Senior)


Hello Kathy!
I unfortunately don’t have a solution for dizziness. As far as I know, it’s something you simply need to work with (take a break and sit or lie down when you need to). For wrist-free classes, Fiji and Helen also have ones. I would recommend doing a search on ‘wrist-free’ on our website, using the search box in the top right.

Have you spoken to a doctor or physical therapist about the Epley manuveur? I also have vertigo and it’s often caused by tiny crystals in the inner ear. Posterior BPPV vertigo is the name. It can be scary and very debilitating. However, after I had 2 sessions of PT to learn how to do the Epley, I have been able to stop episodes fairly quickly myself. I keep the paper with instructions for home care in my night table. if you have not talked to a health professional about this, I really encourage you to. You can also look it up on the internet and see the maneuver there but I did not feel comfortable doing it myself without a couple of sessions of PT. Good luck! Vertigo is awful!

Owlgirl, Yes, I keep the Epley maneuver handy too. There are several variations. I hate doing it as it makes the dizziness very bad right afterwards. I need to do it several times over a couple hours sometimes. It is helpful when it gets really bad but does not correct the underlying issue with my inner ears. I started treatments back in 2002 at the California Ear Institute at Stanford with a specialist in Hearing and Balance after a very bad vertigo incident. Yoga has been very helpful in getting strength, stability and to be able to correct my balance and not end up on the floor as often. I really miss my in-person classes as I have excellent instructors. Thank you for responding. This is an excellent suggestion for anyone not already using it. Dizzily Yours, Kathy

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Thank you David. I relied on your “Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back” exclusively to calm and stretch the first 6 months of Covid. I love the setting and your duck and geese floor show in the video. I will check out Fiji and Helen “wrist-free” classes. Thank you for your response. I will continue to just break as needed. Dizzily Yours, Kathy

I agree! When I’m having vertigo have to talk myself into doing my treatment. I mean, literally sit on the side of my bed and lecture myself?