Yoga for adults with ADHD

Has anyone made any experience with yoga as a treatment/therapy for ADHD?

Or are there any clues for meditation practice for people with this issue?

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In my experience, the effects of yoga depends on the person. Some people with ADHD respond best to vigorous yoga and others to slow-paced yoga or meditation. Is this for you or someone you know?

Thanks for your response. It is for me. 2 years ago I was diagnosed and since then I am searching for ways to calm down.

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Ok. Have you found certain teachers or styles to work for you? I would recommend trying seated meditation - you may want to start with my Mindfulness meditation videos or audio. You could mix that with some challenging yoga classes, depending on what level you are at.

Thank you for your advice. I guess I am not ready for meditation yet.
I will work my way through your videos here, attending “real” classes is diffcult for me, because I get distracted very easily. It is all about patience…

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Ok, sounds like a good plan. Let me know how it goes for you.
Yes, patience certainly helps! :slight_smile: