Parkinson for young people


do you have any suggestion for daily practicing of yoga or pilates and meditation (positions, breathing, stretching, classes, etc) for young people with a beginning form of Parkinson disease?

Many many thanks, I will really appreciate any of your suggestions/experience.

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Hi I.vacchini . My husband has PD, though he is not young. But I have found that when I work with him, it is best to do more Yin poses and hold for a time. We can build to more flow but if he has not done Yoga in a while, his body seems to ‘forget’ the stretch of the poses. More stretch before the poses as well. Every Parkinson’s patient is different, and every day is different, so it may be some trial and error for you. If you can work one on one, that might be the best at least in the beginning. Wishing you all the best.

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