Yoga for Costochondritis

I’ve recently started yoga and meditation with DYWM, and today I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. My sleeping position and my bad posture aggravates my condition. I would very much like to continue my yoga and meditation, amd I would like to know if there are any specific yoga programs or classes that could help me, AND, which positions/poses I should avoid doing.

I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks so much

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Oh, wow. I guess that at least partly explains the sensations you’ve been feeling when doing pranayama.

I’m not familiar enough with costochondritis to recommend anything yoga or meditation related. It may be useful to look online for communities and participate in a discussion around this topic. Sometimes others’ personal experiences can help you in yours.

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder

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Thank you David. And I am also looking online and other communities to find if others with the same condition can give some advice as well.

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I would like to share my own findings after scrounging online in other websites and forums, as well as what I personally experience/practice. Perhaps someone else who has a similar condition might benefit from this as well.

As Costo is a condition in which the cartilages connecting the ribcage to the sternum get inflamed, it has a spectrum, and that differs from one person to another. There won’t be one specific yoga pose or exercise that will be good for EVERYONE with Costo. This is what I practice myself, listen to your body and find your own comfort zone, as why works for me might not work for you.

My affected areas and degree of pain/discomfort varies. And as with most ailment, there will be good days and bad days. Some days I don’t do any yoga/exercise at all, I meditate and try to rise above it. Personally I find that on days when it’s really bad, I don’t do any yoga that engages my upper body. On days when the pain is manageable, I do very light stretches to help loosen the muscles around my chest, and mid and upper back. Nothing that I need my upper body strength to practice… no downward dog or anything that I need to use my arms or upper body to prop myself.

One thing I do say is to listen to your body, if there’s pain or discomfort in the affected areas, stop. Don’t push it at all. Rest the area until you feel better.

My doctor did tell me to take krill oil/astaxanthin to help with the inflammation and as an antioxidant. Skip the omega 6, up the omega 3.

Hope this can help someone else as well.

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Thank you so much for sharing about this. I just posted a question on one of the class forums about costochondritis. I had no idea other people might have the same problem. I had the same experience where I started a program and then had to take a couple of weeks off to heal. I am wondering what you have done about the pranayama parts of the classes. I am wanting to take the 7 week Chakra class but the website emphasizes being able to do pranayama well. I am afraid to do it anymore. But I don’t know if not doing it will make the class less effective or not. So I am hoping to learn if there is an alternate breathing technique I can do that will not affect my ribs. If you have tried substitutions, I’d appreciate know what you do.

Hi Linda,
Sorry for the long delay in replying. I have not logged into the forum for a long time.

Pranayama is tricky for me too during Costo flare ups. I do meditation during those times. I try to open up the chakras with gentle stimulation and massage the chakras to open up and receive. I don’t know if any other breathing methods to help. I breathe very slowly, and as smoothly as I can.

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I, too, have costochondritis. Luckily, it only flares up occasionally. I have found that many classes that focus on opening the chest/opening the heart can help with my condition. The more yoga I have done, the less the costochondritis flares up.