Yoga for prostate health?

Could you develop a yoga program for prostate health? I recently had a BPH issue that sent me to the emergency room. I searched on YouTube re yoga and prostate health; I found only very short yoga pose suggestions. This weekend, I started to have problems again associated with BPH and I really didn’t want another trip to ER! I selected two DoYogaWithMe programs that incorporated some of the short programs I found on YouTube. They helped save me another trip to ER! However, a program specifically devoted to prostate health would be most beneficial.

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Thanks for the post and the suggestion. I appreciate you reaching out.

You’re right, we don’t have a program dedicated solely to prostate health. We do, however, have a guided mediation that is for prostate cancer, but can be used for general prostate health.

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Thanks for your prompt response, David. Your website search engine shows no results for “prostate,” though several pop up for “cancer.” Could you provide the link to the guided meditation on prostate cancer? Thanks.

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My pleasure. If you go to Guided Meditations to Help Fight Cancer, you’ll see in that album the guided meditation for prostate cancer.