Yoga poses to avoid with heel pain, heel bursitis, Achilles tendinitis

Could you recommend DoYogaWithMe classes or yoga routines that are safe for heel bursitis? What poses should be avoided? I’m recovering from an injury and need to avoid dorsiflexion, but still want to do yoga. Thanks!

I am sorry to hear about your injury, and hope that this heals quickly for you. When working with an injury like this you want to be sure you avoid reinjury. Avoid squatting, any deep stretching of the achillies so anything taking the knee beyond the ankle alignment that is often cued. Listening to sensation is key, making common sense modifications to all movements based on the feedback your body gives you. Take it easy for the first week when stepping back on the mat and see how your body responds.


Thanks, Fiji. I really like your classes and can’t wait to get back to sun salutations and squatting. For now, I’m trying out trapeze yoga, where I’ll have an additional supportive prop.

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Hello! I was just going to ask the same question. I hurt a heel the other day forcing on a downward dog and I need to avoid any flexing of the feet.

My plan is to work on the upper body for a change, but, can anyone recommend one or two videos that are more general, or more hip work, that don’t include dangerous poses?

Hi Eugenia,

The best thing you can do is find ways to modify classes to avoid putting your heel into acute pain. Find what works for you now, and modify poses that ask more of your body than you are able to do without pain. For example, if downward dog is cued, choose to stay in plank or drop into table top pose.