Yoga books- any suggestions?


Dear all,
Im so happy that somehow I found your site last october and now cannot imagine my morning routine without your fabulous classes :slight_smile: as I am very new at yoga, I have tons of questions that I would like know. I am a book addict too so I wanted to know if there any books that you would advice me to read- about theory (for example- why in some poses we connect index finger with the thumb etc), anathomy of the yoga, asanas etc- as there are milions of the books in (but for some reason there are almost none of that kind of books in Latvia ). Thank you in advance and excuse me for my grammar mistakes :slight_smile: :see_no_evil:

Wish you all a wonderful day,


Hi - DYWM posted this including recommended literature as a starting point…


Yes, that article is a great starting point. Thanks for posting that.


Thank you for ure post! Now i found a good present to my girl