Yoga books/resources

Hello friends :slight_smile: I would love to hear about your favorite books on yoga or teachers who you admire/would recommend studying. I am interested in both yoga philosophy and practical teachings on the asanas. Got any recommendations?

Fiji, if you are reading this, (hi!!! I’m so very grateful to have your presence in my life, thank you for being you <3) I am particularly interested in the teachers and books that have inspired you. I so admire your teaching style and would like to bring a similar wisdom in my teaching. After exploring your site I purchased Peter Sterios book, are there any other people/resources you would recommend?

Thank you!!

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Yay! I am happy to hear you got Gravity and Grace, Peter’s book. I love the book How Yoga Works by Michael Roache, it is a beautiful story and a profound read. I also love Eastern Body, Western Mind if you are interested in the Chakras.

Hello again Fiji! I wanted to share that reading Gravity and Grace has given me a whole new appreciation for what and how you teach. Having this theory as background helps me understand your cueing in a deeper and more effective way, as as well as connect with the energetic organization of my body. Sometimes I get pulled out of my practice because my intellectual mind gets so excited when I make a connection between what you are saying in class and what I’m reading in the book! I can easily see and feel how you bring his theory into practice, but with your own beautiful words and cadence. If you have the space for it I would love a class where you talk about the difference between “stretching” the body/muscles vs “softening” the body, this was the biggest frame shift for me coming out of Peter’s work. My back feels so much better now that I have put this concept into practice!

I’m part way through Eastern Body, Western Mind and really enjoying that as well. I work as a mental health counselor so it feels relevant to me on multiple levels. I’m excited to go back through your Chakra series after I’m done.

These book suggestions combined with your recent post on death and letting go has really got my mind moving on the potency of yoga as an embodied healing practice. Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

I haven’t read too much yogic literature, but one day at the public library I was browsing the fitness/yoga section (I was starting to go deeper and become more interested in the practice and wanted something to read), and the book that caught my eye was Lara Baumann’s Quantum Yoga and accompanying DVD.

I’m sure seasoned practitioners are knowledgable about many of the concepts in the book, but it was a gateway for me to learn things like Sanskrit terminology, the bandhas, Ayurvedic concepts, pranayama techniques, and so much more. Also, I’m a nerdy, sci-fi loving millennial and I love the idea of the union between quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom.

I really resonated with her words, and I thought the book was beautifully written and organized.