Yoga books/resources

Hello friends :slight_smile: I would love to hear about your favorite books on yoga or teachers who you admire/would recommend studying. I am interested in both yoga philosophy and practical teachings on the asanas. Got any recommendations?

Fiji, if you are reading this, (hi!!! I’m so very grateful to have your presence in my life, thank you for being you <3) I am particularly interested in the teachers and books that have inspired you. I so admire your teaching style and would like to bring a similar wisdom in my teaching. After exploring your site I purchased Peter Sterios book, are there any other people/resources you would recommend?

Thank you!!

Yay! I am happy to hear you got Gravity and Grace, Peter’s book. I love the book How Yoga Works by Michael Roache, it is a beautiful story and a profound read. I also love Eastern Body, Western Mind if you are interested in the Chakras.