30 day challenge


Hello David and all at DYWM, thank you for the excellent teaching and practice, I’m enjoying the videos very much. Question re the new 30 day challenge to begin Nov 1…I’m currently on day 20 of the existing 30 day challenge, will I still be able to access and complete it once the new challenge begins? Or will the new 30 day challenge replace the current one? Thank you.


Good to hear!
The new 30-Day Challenge won’t replace the Transform Your Life challenge. They will both remain up and available ongoing.
How is the challenge going for you?
DoYogaWithMe Founder


I just finished this 30 day challenge. My body feels absolutely fantastic! My body is stronger and more flexible. My spirit is stronger and I definitely feel more empowered! I thank you from by entire being- for all the wonderful things you do in the name of yoga. You are impacting more lives than you will ever realize! Namaste Paulette


Fantastic!!! I’m really happy for you.


Just completed my first 30 day challenge. I feel terrific and have you, David and all your fellow yogis to thank. I look forward to another challenge. I wake up excited every morning to practice and begin each day with strength, peace, and clairty.


So happy to hear. Awesome!