March 30 day challenge - where did it go?

Dear DYWM community,

I’m following two March programmes - the 30 day yoga challenge and the meditation mindfulness challenge - but I can no longer find the link to the 30 day yoga challenge. Luckily I subscribed for updates for the meditation challenge so I receive emails about it, but not being able to find the yoga challenge makes it a little harder to follow :slight_smile:
Is there a link somewhere that I can follow (that I just can’t see at the moment)?
Thank you so much for these challenges, it’s only been a week but I’m already feeling the benefits!


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hello Amie,

I was also surprised when I couldn’t find the March challenges anymore… luckily I seem to have bookmarked the yoga challenge before it disappeared from the front page. Is this the one you are looking for?

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That is exactly it, thank you so much for the link! I’ll make sure I also bookmark it so I can continue this month.

Happy yoga-ing and thank you again!

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Thanks for sending that link, @rapazina. We didn’t move the program, we just took it off the homepage. Sorry for the confusion!