A suggestion for the challenges

I have been enjoying doing the 2 week and now the 30 day challenge. It motivates me to practice daily and introduces me to classes/instructors I might not normally choose to do. So thank you for putting it together. I have a suggestion that in the 2 week challenge and especially 30 day challenge, there be 1 or 2 restorative classes suggested. They cant really be scheduled as we all have slow days at different times. Yes, I can go find a restorative or yin class if I wanted to but I really enjoy not having to go look and make class selections while I am in the challenge. So for me it would be a nice addition to have 2 restorative classes suggested at the bottom of the challenge list that I can use on the days I need to listen to my body and do a a slower class. Would anyone else find this useful in the challenges?


I give myself a month to complete a two week challenge to give my muscles and wrists a break. Like you, I would like a daily yoga practice, I’ll often just do a few postures on my own to stay connected on the in between days.

This is a great idea!!! I have often though of having a restorative day, but as you pointed out each person will want that on different days. I will start adding restorative options in the challenge that can be used when needed

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