Empower Yourself 30 Day Challenge - Intermediates

I just completed the 30 day challenge and I am very happy with myself for doing the full challenge without missing a single day! There were two classes where I received an odd error message (403, I think, telling me I don’t have subscription access - even though I do) but fortunately I was able to google the classes and find them on Davids Vimeo page.

There were a few Tuesdays where I was doing the class either at 06:00 or 23:30 but I am very happy that I made the time even if I was technically finishing the class on Wednesday morning :slight_smile:

I wasn’t a big fan of the two Hatha classes working towards snail pose. The first class didn’t feel well balanced on both sides of the body and I thought the second class could use a counter pose after sinking into the peak pose for an extended amount of time (after both classes I found myself doing a few more necessary movements for myself to feel more balanced and relaxed).

I think this 30 day challenge was more successful than last January’s! I think it had to do with incorporating the 3/4 day peak pose progressive classes, it made the scheduling of the classes make more sense. I can’t wait to do Fiji’s Chakra classes now and maybe revisit her 14 day challenge as well.

Thank you all for your hard work with these classes, it’s really appreciated!


Great to hear that you enjoyed it and that you finished it! It’s not easy doing yoga for 30 days straight.

Yes, we did have that error message - apologies for that. I’m happy you found the class!

Interesting feedback on the Snail Pose classes. If you can remember, let me know why the first class didn’t feel well balanced. That’s important, so it’s great for me to hear that.

Nice to hear from you!

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Hi David,

I see that you fixed the problem on the video - another commentator pointed out that the pose was only done on one side of the body. That’s where the imbalance was coming from. It was quite disturbing especially for the slower paced, longer holds of the yin style class.

Sorry for not responding, I was having troubles logging into my account but the problem fixed itself today!


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Yes, we did KrystleJane. I can see how that would leave you feeling out of balance!

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