Ab & Belly tightening through Pranayama

This may be common knowledge but I wanted to share this.
I have been doing pranayama breathing everyday for about 8 months. I usually start with several minutes of Kapalabhati.
I wasn’t aware of this for a few months but I began to notice that my abs and belly were tightening up. Really getting firm.
For me at least it seems that the Kapalabhati has been working like doing sit ups.
Only thing is it’s not so hard on the back as trying to do lots of situps everyday.
And my lung capacity has vastly improved. Sit ups never did that.
If you’re trying to firm up those abs and/or your belly Pranayama/Kapalabhati might be worth exploring.


This is a wonderful benefit from many forms of pranayama, and helps not only with stronger core but tones the internal muscles of the digestive track.

Thanks Fiji,

I knew that overall yoga really helps with digestion but did not know that pranayama tones the internal muscles of the digestive tract too!
Thanks so much for that info.Still learning everyday.

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