Micropractice challenge available to all?

Hi there!
What a great idea to offer this micropractice challenge!
I have been using DYWM very frequently for quite some time, but lately there’s just so little time… Which is the reason why I’m currently not a paying subscriber.
This challenge is perfect for me, especially BECAUSE there’s not much time to do the other classes.
But now it seems that I can’t attend, because I’m not a paying subscriber. I get that not everything can be free, so how about an option to pay for the challenge? Like before, when we could pay for specific classes iso the whole thing.
Love to hear from you. Thank you so much in advance!

This is a great quesiton, I will ask if you can buy challenges a la carte! It is also an important note to make, that being a subscriber really is about ensuring that there is acess to free yoga for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. We do hold some of our content for subscribers to encourage people to become sustaining members, sustaining a business that will always offer so much for free. Thank you for your support.